Ellen Hochberg and Susan Gans: interpretations of place at Shift Collaborative Studio

Join us for what is going to be a thought-and-conversation provoking show about place–urban, home, familiar, new– and our relationships with it.

In her new show, Vernacular, Susan Gans works with words and images, with what is seen and the potential back-story–a sort of collective memory to trigger engagement. Using urban Seattle as the visual cue, you’ll see familiar places and images in a different context of words and ideas.

Susan Gans, Driving to the Center

Home: Ellen Hochberg’s intriguing and beautiful images come from a personal exploration of home/not-home.  Perhaps we sometimes feel as much at home in another country or another time as we do in our own living room, perhaps what we thought of as “home” is really just a construct.  Whatever the case, the images Hochberg works with reflect an increasingly wide-lens view of Home.

Ellen Hochberg, Home

Don’t miss the First Thursday Opening Reception!
Tashiro Kaplan Building
305 S. Washington upstairs, where the crowd is
Thursday November 3   5-8pm
Standard times other than First Thursday:
Friday & Saturday 12-5pm
Or by appointment: info@shiftstudio.org

About the artists:

Ellen Hochberg participates in international shows, as well as here at home–Shift gallery and Columbia City Gallery and her own studio in the Tashiro Kaplan building. Her work can also be seen at ellenhochberg.com.

Susan Gans is a printmaker and photographer exhibiting in multiple venues throughout Seattle. You can see more of her work and projects at susangans.com

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