(re)shift: what we have in store for you in February

Bend by Ken Barnes, artist participant in (re)shift

It’s new. It’s different. It’s going to be very interesting….In January, we had a well-attended, very well-received group show that contemplated the idea of shiftshift in perspective, position, approach, shifty characters, you get the drift.  And if you don’t, you can read more here.

That show will be followed in February by (re)shift, a group show of a different stripe.  Each Shift member invited an artist to respond creatively to the work in the January show–and that work will be on display at Shift in February.

It’s sort of interesting to not know what’s coming, but to know it’s going to be good.  How could it not be?  Here are a few of the artists invited to participate (and stay tuned, we’ll be adding more to this thread as we lead up to February):

Ken Barnes–sculpture

Rickie Wolfe–mixed media & sculpture

Larry Calkins–encaustic & sculpture

Shaun Doll–encaustic & sculpture

Deborah Walker–mixed media

Doug Jarvis–conceptual artist

And that’s only half the list.

Opening reception:  First Thursday ArtWalk,  Feb 2nd, 5-8pm.  You’ll wanna be there.

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