@Shift in March: Sharon Birzer and Yun Hong Chang

Treat yourself to new works by Sharon Birzer and Yun Hong Chang: texture and flowing lines, layers and delicate filaments capture the complex beauty of nature and time.

Medusae Fossae is a new body of works on paper by Sharon Birzer that meld drawing and painting with elements of digital reproduction and Hanga, the traditional Japanese woodblock technique. Birzer’s imagery emerges from juxtaposing unexpected elements that somehow resonate with one another: a tiny lichen on a rock, a master painting from the Louvre, tentacles of an octopus in a tank … Enlarging, layering and fragmenting these sources, she amplifies their detail and allows for a closer look, bringing together isolated fragments that explore personal narratives.

In Memory, Yun Hong Chang uses porcelain and threads of her own hair to create a series of delicate porcelain sculptures to visualize and capture the fragility of memories and emotions. This exhibition is in conjunction with the annual NCECA conference in Seattle March 28-31.

Yun Hong Chang was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to Washington in 1996.  She earned her Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Ceramics from University of Washington in 2005.

Artist Reception, First Thursday Artwalk Pioneer Square–March 1st, 5:00-8:00pm
Shift hours: Friday & Saturday 12-5pm
Special hours during NCECA conference: Tuesday March 27, 6-9pm, Wednesday & Thursday March 28-29 12-5pm
Or by Appointment: info@shiftstudio.org
More about Shift Collaborative Studio here

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