DETAILS! We have DETAILS! Call for artists: Shift of Perspective


Shift Collaborative Studio
Seattle, WA
December 6-30, 2012

Shift Collaborative Studio invites submissions for a juried group exhibition, to be hosted by the collective in December 2012. The project is designed as an extension of our 2012 initiative to engage community dialogue on the conceptual and artistic implications of the concept SHIFT.

Curatorial Statement

2012 is a curious year, a year of shifting perspectives and shifting ideologies: ecological shifts with rising water levels; winds of change and increasing temperatures; political shifts toppling regimes and outdated thinking; mythological shifts in Mayan and native cosmologies. In each scenario, the world keeps changing — and with each change, a shift.  Shift Collaborative Studio invites artist submissions on or around the loose theme of SHIFT. Artists are invited to propose new or existing works in any medium (2D, 3D or time-based) that respond to the theme of SHIFT in their own creative ways, and
from their own individual perspectives.


In January 2012 artists from Shift Collaborative Studio came together to share interpretations of the theme SHIFT. With references to a wide range of possibilities — the shift key; a shifty character; shapeshifting; a shift in perspective — the exhibition explored what it means to be a member of Shift Collaborative Studio.
In February 2012 the collective extended its exploration, inviting members of the arts community to respond to the creative challenge that is SHIFT. The show featured a range of original works in a variety of media, and by a number of local, regional and international artists, shifting our focus to the showcasing of work by others.

In December 2012, we continue this theme with an OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS inviting artists to propose their own interpretations of SHIFT. This show — SHIFT OF PERSPECTIVE — will feature a selection of artists drawn from submissions, brought together to represent a final SHIFT in our 2012 programming year. The exhibition will be curated by members of Shift Collaborative Studio. Artists will be chosen based on the works proposed, assessed for the creative ways in which they challenge and engage the theme of SHIFT.


Submission should include the following:
1. A brief (max 1 page) artist statement relating the artist’s work to the theme of SHIFT;
2. An artist’s CV (max 3 pages) listing major exhibitions, education and other relevant
3. Artistic support material: 3-5 images or 1-2 audio or video files. Images should be in JPG format (max. pixel dimensions 1200 × 900). Audio and video files should be in easily
reviewed digital formats, to a maximum length of 5 minutes total. Artists proposing works not already created should clearly outline their proposed work and, where appropriate, include a sketch or mock-up;
4. An identification list for support material (title, date, dimensions, running time, media). Please include brief project descriptions where appropriate, and clearly identify any technical requirements for the effective display of the work. Selected artists will be responsible for providing required electronic equipment.
There is no entry fee for submissions. SHIFT Studio will take 30% of proceeds from sales by selected artists during the exhibition.

Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. Text files should be sent as email attachments in PDF format. Images should be sent in JPG format (max. pixel dimensions 1200 × 900). Video and audio submissions, and any support material over 3 MB should be sent via a transfer service, or uploaded to a personal URL. Please do not send a general URL to your entire website. Submissions by post or in person can be arranged where needed. Please contact us for coordinates.

Submissions should be sent to:

About Us: Shift was established in 2004 as a collaborative artist-run space, with the primary goal of supporting Northwest area artists, working in a variety of media, and dedicated to creating challenging and innovative work. Shift exists as a venue for artists to exhibit, develop and advance their work, with a commitment to celebrating art of diverse media and rigorous content. For more information please visit our website:

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