Romson Bustillo’s new show @ Shift: “a desire to return to fundamentals”

The Stranger’s Visual Arts critic Jen Graves visited Romson’s new show @ Shift through October (Chasing Device and Softening Tools)  and found much to let her mind wander through.  The lines, the shadow and light, the quiet:

“You might make out what look like skyscrapers, or flight paths headed for crashing, or storms gathering, or rockets with cute submarine windows, or scissors in shadow, or none of that. Erase all that. Just looking at the ink will make your brain move in a way that you don’t need to talk about.”

Graves nails it in her review, read the whole thing here.  

Romson Bustillo and Kamla Kakaria will be showing their new work through October at Shift Collaborative Studio in Pioneer Square.  Carve out a little time to come by, Fridays and Saturdays, 12-5pm.

Shift Collaborative Studio
Tashiro-Kaplan Arts Complex #105
306 S. Washington Street
Seattle, WA 98104

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