Shift in Perspective: guest artist Jeff Curtis

The Shift in Perspective curated show opens this coming First Thursday downtown–remember there’s free parking and free parking is…Free!

Shift Collaborative STudio, Jeff Curtis, Transit_leapland

Jeff Curtis, perspective of observer helps frame the experience

Shift has been working with three selected artists using different media to explore unexpected change and different ways of seeing.  Jeff Curtis is a media artist whose work has been exhibited at film and dance festivals internationally.  On tap for SIP will be his recent work Transit, a mesmerizing piece that is at once graceful, rough-cut and poetic.  In Jeff’s words:

I am a choreographer who works with video and a video artist who works with dance…to transmit my experience of connecting viscerally with video.  My goal is to gently disrupt the cohesion of the edited space, pulling at the edges and seams that join two clips together, allowing the viewer to make their own connections.

Please join us for Shift in Perspective this coming First Thursday, Dec 6, between 5-8pm. You’ll be glad you did.

Studio is open Friday and Saturday, from 12-5 p.
Shift Collaborative Studio
Tashiro-Kaplan Arts Complex #105
306 S. Washington Street
Seattle, WA 98104
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