Shift in Perspective: guest artist Jessica Kreutter

Three artists were selected to participate in the curated show Shift in Perspective.  We’re very pleased to be including the work of Jessica Kreutter, whose work explores the space between ordinary life and that life gone slightly awry.  Artifacts from daily routine–dressers, walls, needle-point pictures–create the stage for the unexpected in Kreutter’s work.

Of ruin and rooms that breathe2

In Kreutter’s words:

There is a potency held within the spaces that are in-between. These spaces suggest there is something more than what our world has been divided up into…where boundaries are breached or intersect and evoke the possibility of seeing the world differently.
The used, discarded object holds time and memory….It hovers on the rim of what is acceptable and what is not, of life and death, of remembering and forgetting.  In this fragile moment, I want to imagine what materializes from these shadows left behind and the body that would exist in these ruins.

There will be a whole lot going on this First Thursday, but be sure to make room on your dance card for Shift in Perspective, reception between 5-8 pm, Dec 6.

Studio is open Friday and Saturday, from 12-5 p.
Tashiro-Kaplan Arts Complex #105
306 S. Washington Street
Seattle, WA 98104


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