Adele Eustis @ Shift in April–lit from within

Adele Eustis has created an engaging installation of structures made of woven bent branches, wire, light, silk and jute–they are like nests, like a private world, illuminated and welcoming, strange and wonderful. Rosemary Ponnekanti of the Tacoma Tribune described them: “suspended from the ceiling and backed by loosely woven rope nets these five cocoons [are] a marvel to look at.”

Eustis describes her process:

I build translucent illuminated forms that feel like drawings. I weave animated gestures, branches from my garden, through a uniform wire mesh. Waxed silk forms a skin for light. This activity fulfills a need to create warmth, security and refuge.

Issue will be on display through the month of April at Shift Collaborative Studio, with an artist reception April 4th, 5-8pm. Cass Nevada will also be showing her new work, Release, alongside Issue. Both installations draw on nature for inspiration and speak to each other in subtle, unexpected ways.

Shift Collaborative Studio
306 S. Washington, #105
TK Arts Complex
P-Square, Seattle


Adele Eustis is a Seattle artist who works in both 2 and 3D. Her work has been exhibited in Room 104, Shift Collaborative Studio, Tacoma Art Museum, Storefronts Tacoma, Winthrop Gallery and Confluence Gallery in the Methow Valley.

Recognition includes: PONCHO scholarship award, full fellowship residency to Vermont Studio Center, Kent Centennial Center Exhibition and Purchase award, Spaceworks Tacoma installation award, Best of Show EAFA, and Best of Show Frank Tobey Jones.

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