Cass Nevada @ Shift in April–boundless energy

Release, Cass Nevada‘s installation at Shift through April, contemplates energy–the energy that pushes past boundaries and our own very human understanding of nature. Think tsunamis, think swarms, think murmurations, think mass occupations and improvisational jazz–they all erupt from the boundless energy that flows through life.

As the Cass put it:

Release started with a contemplation of murmurations– 10,000 birds moving through dusk as an interconnected web, incomprehensibly shifting, dispersing, combining again. Soon the lines and masses suggested other eruptions to me: 10,000 fish swarm as one massive dervish, spinning through water at impossible speeds. 10,000 people fill the streets, speak with one voice, become an unstoppable wave. Release is an expression of that energy, expanding beyond boundaries.

The works in Release are composed of sumi and acrylic inks, wax, natural pigments on salvaged hydrographic maps from the 1940s. And on the walls of the gallery itself.

Release will be on display through the month of April at Shift Collaborative Studio, with an artist reception April 4th, 5-8pm. Adele Eustis will also be showing her new work, Issue, alongside Release. Both installations draw on nature for inspiration and speak to each other in subtle, unexpected ways.

Shift Collaborative Studio
306 S. Washington, #105
TK Arts Complex
P-Square, Seattle

About the artist:

Cass Nevada is a visual artist and writer whose work has been shown throughout the northwest. Her drawn and painted works, artists books and sketchbooks reveal an ongoing interest in nature and the ineffable experience of the moment. Her workshops on the intuitive process are held in West Seattle throughout the year, and her sketchbooks are on display at venues from New York to Seattle.

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