Shift en deux! An extended show and a new location!

This is a Blue Moon event: two Shift shows, two locations, both in the Tashiro Kaplan Bldg.

First, the big news: Shift is moving to a new gallery, and it’s gorgeous. More space, easier access, all kinds of good, so stop by and see the new street level digs at 312 S. Washington (previously Pratt Gallery).

Second: you’ll be glad you did, not only because the new space is intriguing, but also because the show is most excellent. Ruthie V. will be presenting Domestic, new paintings with a decidedly intimate perspective. Ruthie’s gestural works are always so compelling, and these 30 new paintings bump it up a notch. Here are a few of appetizers:



But WAIT! There’s more!

The current show at the well known and familiar Shift, upstairs at 306 S. Washington will also be open! The current show with Ken Barnes and Jen Grabarczyk will run through August and if you didn’t see it last month, buzz on by cuz it’s worth seeing.

So that’s the news. Just head over to the Tashiro Kaplan Bldg tomorrow night, First Thursday, between 5 and 8 or so. Beautiful summer evening, great art, excellent new gallery–what’s not to love?

Shift Studio
306 and 312 S. Washington
Artist Reception, 5-8 pm
First Thursday, August 1
Where else but Pioneer Square?

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