First Thursday @ Shift: We just wanna celebrate!

Last month the new Shift space got enormous traffic, in large part because of Ruthie V’s stellar show Domestic, and also because the new space is so excellent. If you missed that, don’t despair: we’re having a studio-warming party, group show and all around fabulous opening First Thursday, September 5th, 5-8pm @ 312 S. Washington in P Square.

What it is: a group show entitled Palimpsests, and curated by Liz Patterson–something for everyone, 2D, sculpture, and artists will be in attendance so there’s the schmooze opportunity. And plus, plus! Summer in Seattle is drawing to a close, and September’s First Thursday is always a very fine evening of downtown culture.

Artists: Ken Barnes, Daya B. Astor, Patrice Donohue, Dawn P. Endean, Adele Eustis, Pam Galvani, Jen Grabarczyk, Cynthia Hibbard, Ted Hiebert, Kamla Kakaria, Ed McCarthy, Cass Nevada, Ruthie V., Carmi Weingrod, Kirsten Wilhelm, Lee Withington, and Liz Patterson (Curator)

Don’t miss it, see you next week!

Palimpsests: mark-making, process and materiality
Curated by Liz Patterson
312 S. Washington
Artist Reception, 5-8 pm
First Thursday, September 5, 2013

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