First Thursday @ the other Shift: Ted Hiebert / Electrocuting Babel

Ted Hiebert
Electrocuting Babel
Artist Reception, First Thursday @ Shift /306 S. Washington

**Addendum: Ted Hiebert’s show is open Fri/Sat thru the 28th–get yourself to this show. The Kirlian photography captures the physical history of the pages of the Library of Babel as energy fields, an unseen history of touch and use. These images make experiential maps of the physical books themselves, add a dimension that anyone who has borrowed a book from the library has probably considered but has been unable to trace. Don’t miss this installation, it’s well worth checking out.

Seems like Shift is all over the place these days: the bright new space at 312 S. Washington, and the previous space you know from years past, upstairs at 306 S. Washington. Both, of course, in the Tashiro Kaplan Arts Complex…and then in October we will be showing at the gallery in the Convention Center, new work from the whole Shift gang–stay tuned for more on that later.

This coming First Thursday, you will want to see Ted Hiebert’s newest set of images using Kirlian photography to explore a concept suggested by Jorge Luis Borges in his short story The Library of Babel--a library so comprehensive it would contain every book ever written: every idea, every story, every word.

Hiebert takes the idea of such a library one step further–beyond the mere collection of books–and wonders about the material history of a book–the handling, the turning of dog-eared pages, notes in the margins–how that history might be captured. Electrocuting Babel imagines the physical history of a book, specifically The Library of Babel itself, in a way that surely would have intrigued Borges.


Artist Reception, First Thursday @ Shift Studio
Upstairs at 306 S. Washington
5-8 pm Sept. 5th

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