Shift in the Convention Center: group show opens Oct 8

Palimpsests II / 
Shift Gallery Group Show
Liz Patterson Curator
October 10, 2013 – January 8, 2014

Shift has become very accomplished at being in two or more places at once lately, and so it is again in October, with a new group show curated by Liz Patterson, installed in the Convention Center Gallery from Oct. 10 through Jan 8, 2014.

This show will run alongside Patrice Donohue’s solo show Emanations at Shift Gallery, 312 S. Washington through the month of October, open Fri/Sat 12-5pm and by appt.

Palimpsests II builds on themes evident in the group show at the new Shift gallery during the month of September, also curated by Liz Patterson. In this second show featuring new work by Shift’s artists, the themes of mark making itself, figure and ground, surface and layers are explored in a variety of media. As Patterson says,

Palimpsest has layers of meaning and interpretation throughout history. Today, it is often used as an abstract process by architects or archaeologists who are tracing the history of a location or layering of the past. But it can also mean marking into a surface in a lasting way. Or bridging links over time of ideas and processes.

This sort of layered meaning is of particular interest in the works collected for this group show. Patterson goes on to ask a very intriguing question about what she sees in the body of work:

“What we at Shift find fascinating is the space that is between: do the marks-text create space/depth (a-posteriori) or do they inhabit space (a-priori). Through innovative means, this body of work dances between these modes of space.”

The show will be up through October to the first part of the new year, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Palimpsests II / 
Shift Gallery Group Show
Liz Patterson Curator
October 10, 2013 – January 8, 2014
Washington State Convention Center

800 Convention Pl Seattle, WA 98101
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