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Ruthie V @ Shift: one more excellent reason to see this show

Jen Graves writes a compelling review of Ruthie V’s new show, Domestic: soul of an Interior, you can read it here in this week’s Stranger. The review is full of dandy insights about the show, she’s really captured so much, … Continue reading

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Ruthie V at Shift (the new space!) with something special you gotta see….

As mentioned a couple weeks back, Ruthie V., fabulous painter, keen eye, is showing this month in the new Shift Space. Well, here’s something you didn’t know: she painted portraits of peeps who came to the show last weekend, about … Continue reading

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Shift en deux! An extended show and a new location!

This is a Blue Moon event: two Shift shows, two locations, both in the Tashiro Kaplan Bldg. First, the big news: Shift is moving to a new gallery, and it’s gorgeous. More space, easier access, all kinds of good, so … Continue reading

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Surprise! June @ Shift, works from Clamor, UW Literary & Arts

We’re super excited to offer a bit of Clamor for you in June:  Clamor is the UW-Bothell Literary & Arts journal, and Shift is honored to host  intriguing selection of works from Clamor through the month of June. Think of … Continue reading

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Daya B. Astor @ Shift in May: Inside/Out

Daya B. Astor is a mixed media artist hailing from New York where street art is elevated to higher level of consciousness. She derives energy from the creative impulse behind street art and graffiti and in her new show, explores … Continue reading

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Inside/Out @ Shift in May: Street Art Considered, by Daya B. Astor & Liz Patterson

PSquare streets will be buzzing with lots of new shows and free parking, so come on down. Shift Collaborative Studio is very pleased to present Inside/Out by Daya B. Astor and Liz Patterson–an exploration of urban street art. Mixed media artist … Continue reading

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Adele Eustis @ Shift in April–lit from within

Adele Eustis has created an engaging installation of structures made of woven bent branches, wire, light, silk and jute–they are like nests, like a private world, illuminated and welcoming, strange and wonderful. Rosemary Ponnekanti of the Tacoma Tribune described them: … Continue reading

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